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Games Won:
Win percentage: (Won/Played)
King Killed by Same value in a row:
King Killed by Suit:
King Killed by Alternating Color:
Current Streak of Winning games:
Longest Streak of Winning games:
Average Kings Killed:
Total Kings Killed:
Maximum cards used in the killing of a king:
Fewest reserve spots used in a win:
Renegade: Killed All 4 Kings
Revolutionary: Won 5 games
Threvolution: Won 3 games in a row
Seven Up: Won 7 games in a row
Bastille My Heart: Won 14 games
Triple Ninja: Killed all 4 kings with the same value
Suited Up: Killed all 4 kings with same suit
Rainbow Rebel: Killed all 4 kings with alternating colors
Clean Kill: Win game with no cards left in Reserve Spots
Patience: Used 14 or more cards in the killing of a king
Show of Force: Killed All 4 Kings only using 4 Reserve Spots
Far, Far Better: No more than 1 reserve spot was ever used at one time during a win
Rabble Rouser: Followed Standard Games on Twitter
Voice of the People: Tweeted A Victory

YOU WIN! Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Goal: Kill All 4 Kings and win!

There's 3 Ways to Kill a King by placing cards below:

1) 3 in a row of the same value

2) 4 in row of descending value and same suit

3) 5 in a row of descending value and alternating colors

Once you play a card to attack a King, every other card attacking that King must be equal or lower value (Aces are low).

Every card played below a King must be in the furtherance of killing a king
(no "same color different suit lower number"). This includes which King you put it on (even though the king itself doesn't count).

When you Kill a King, you get an extra Reserve spot (shown as a blank) where the King was!

Each turn, you can either draw a card from the Deck, or play a card from Reserve.

When you draw from the Deck, you can either put the card in Reserve, or attack a King by placing a card under it.

Once you play a card to attack the King, that card is there forever.

You lose when you draw a card from the deck and are unable to play it.